Blackjack will be played via Zoom video stream. Players will be assigned positions around a table and the dealer will play cards to those positions.

Buying In

Every player will be given 100 chips the first time they come to the (virtual) table. Players may come and go from the table as they wish and their chip count will be saved between sessions.

Players may buy additional chips with gold at Wil's discretion.

Cashing Out

At the end of the game time (expected to be 3pm), players will be awarded Black Tickets based on their final chip count. You get one Ticket for every 50 chips above the original buy-in price of 100. Any remaining chips (not counting the buy-in) will be payed out with gold in a manner which is mutually convenient to you and Wil.

Cash-Out Examples

Final Chips Count: 77

No payout (below buy-in price)

Final Chip Count: 126

0 Tickets and 26 gold

Final Chip Count: 155

1 Ticket and 5 gold

Player Rules

No surrender

Minimum bet 5 chips (no maximum bet)

May split any 10s pair (e.g. 10 & King, etc.)

May double down after a split

1 card after splitting Aces

Insurance offered if Dealer is showing Ace

Dealer Rules

Stand on all 17s (soft or hard)

Hits on 16s


Shuffle all cards, putting the cards in the card show. Add a cut card about one-third of the way from the back.

Side Bets

Both pay out on the same side bet

Royal Ladies

Keep Calm and Carry On