Poker Tournament

Stacked Deck Poker Tournament

Official Stacked Deck Tournament

Hosted by Sagart

Online Texas Hold'em

10 Gold Buy-In

Gold & Ticket Prizes

Discord Audio Required

Hi Everyone, this is Steven/ Sagart.

On Saturday, October 24, The Black and White virtual Event, I will be holding a Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament. This will count towards the Stacked Deck.

This tournament is for gold. Please see below for how this is going to work. This is the first time I will be trying this, so please be patient.

Time: The Game will start at 1:30 pm. I will be logging in to Discord at 1pm to record the player (IC and OOC), and to give some time to get your tech and screens ready. There will be a separate text and audio channel for the game. This game will be 3 hours, max. If there is not a clear winner at the end of 3 hours, the person with the most chips is in first, second most in second, etc.

Audio, Mic, and video: Microphone is required, camera and headset are preferred. Discord does have issues with echo (which is why a headset is preferred): we will do what we can to adjust this when we get together. If you cannot play with the microphone, this makes it very difficult to coordinate for rebuys, pauses, off line issues, etc. If you must play without the microphone, I am not opposed to working out something.

Buy ins and re-buys: 10 gold. Your character must currently have 10 gold to play, and additional 10 gold if you plan to re-buy. Each player will be allowed one re-buy in the first hour. At the end of the third blind (i.e. 1 hour has passed), there may be a pause to check if anyone else wishes to re-buy. To re-buy you must have had no more chips, or at the end of the third blind you have roughly 1000 chips or less.

Chips: Starting stack will be 5000

Blinds: Blinds go up every 20 minutes. Blind levels will be in the Discord Text window for the game.

Table and the software: This is a browser based game, so no additional logins are required. At the time of the game, I will place a link in the Discord chat. I have tested that this will work on various phones, tablets and computers.

Each table has a maximum of 10 seats. If you plan to play, please show up earlier than game time so we can arrange multiple tables if needed.

Seating: Seating will be decided by the draw of the cards by me (which I will show on the camera). As Host, the software places me in the room as seat 1. Multiple tables will be determined by number and color, if needed. Once you have a seat, please hit the link to go to the table. Enter in your IC name, and 5000 for chips, pick your seat (they are numbered).

The game will start when I un-pause the room. Players will be paid into blinds if they are not at their seat or are off line. When it is your turn to act in the game (bet, raise, call, fold), you will have 1 minute to act.

GOLD and prizes. Gold prize pool: one entry and one rebuy if there are at least 4 rebuys, for a maximum of 20 gold, goes toward the Stacked Deck final tournament. For the rest, 3rd place will get 10 gold (i.e. their entry back), 2rd place will get 1/3 the remaining pool and 1st will get 2/3 of the remaining. Prizes will be given out in Rowan, at the standard of 10 gold = 1 Rowan. I may add extra gold or merchandise to the winners prizes, depending. I am not sure what that means just yet, but there may be something extra. I will announce before the start of play if there are any additions.

Additional Poker Prizes for the Black and White this weekend!

His Majesty King Alexander has given the following as additional prizes to the Stacked Deck Poker tournament this weekend:

  • All Entrants will receive 1 Black Ticket for this year’s Black Ticket auction.

  • People who make the top 4 places in the tournament will receive 2 additional Black Tickets

  • First Place will receive an extra 100 gold on top of the existing prize money and tickets.

Paying your Gold: To play, you will be considered to owe Realms Outfitters / me your entry and rebuy (if used). You may choose to mail it, drop it by, or wait until there is a gathering. Realms Outfitters will hold on to your “IOU” until the debt is paid. You can contact me after the Black and White if you want to make specific arrangements. The prizes will be shipped out on Monday October 26 via USPS. 2nd and 1st place winners will be asked for an address to send it to. Depending, we can also arrange to drop the gold off.

Cheating: “This is a sport of honor, treat it as such". I expect people not to be using web sites, applications, working with people, like any other game in person. If people are caught cheating, I will bring it up to the event staff, to the Gambler's Guild, and whomever is in charge of their IC group to decide proper action against the player.

Once we are ready to seat people, links to the table will be posted in the #poker-information text channel on the discord.

Blinds: 20 minutes each