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Nine small tarts on a white plate.

As Prepared by Lady Indana Ward

Since we cannot share the food for our kitchens this year, we are instead choosing to share the recipes we cook with. So, by popular demand, Lady Indana brings you into her kitchen, and shows you how to make French Onion Soup Tarts.

As Prepared by Mistress Aymise

This recipe will be streamed live during the event!

This dish is a perennial favorite at the dip station. It’s not too spicy on its own, but you could really kick up the heat with additional Frank’s if that’s your style. Providing a variety of dippers helps the dish feel fresh and new for each trip back to the warmer.

As Prepared by Mistress Demitria

Traditionally served at a carving station, the pork en croute has become an evening classic at the Black & White. The citrus notes in the mojo play well with the applesauce, and the hint of garlic keeps the entire dish from straying too far away from its savory roots. A full overnight marinade brings the mojo flavor to the next level.

As Prepared by Master Cecil

Crabbies are a Cecil family recipe and a holiday staple. Growing up, it wasn’t a party unless a plate of piping hot crabbies got passed. On an OOC level, they are part of a cooking trend from the 50s-60s that focussed heavily on processed foods. Unlike bologna cake and hotdog aspic, this recipe as stood the test of time. It’s a good recipe for playing, so feel free to mix it up with a different cheese spread, a novel base, or anything else your whimsy desires.