It is common for players to hold large meetings during the Black & White to discuss ongoing plots in the Realms. Meetings which are scheduled ahead of time are listed here. If you would like to host a meeting and have it included here, contact a member of the event staff.

Risen Kingdom Council

Organizer: Captain Orion Mars

Timing: 2:00pm

Location: TBA

Fellow Adventurers,

It is my intention to host a discussion about the Risen Kingdom and Gi at this year's Black and White. Those of us who participated in the second expedition into Gi learned a lot about that world and its history. I would like to share that information more broadly and then discuss with interested parties what our next actions against the Risen Kingdom should be.

I am planning to start this meeting at 2pm and will ask the Herald to make an announcement shortly before that time.

All are welcome to participate in the conversation. If you feel like you lack background on our conflict to date with the Risen Kingdom, contact me ahead of time and I can fill you in.

In Service to the Realms,

Captain Orion Mars, Chimeron Militia

Deputy Warlord of Chimeron