Server Address

Game Version

Java Edition 1.16.3

Required Mods


The server will open at 11am on Saturday. You must complete the Check In form in order to gain access.


Warlord Saka needs assistance with a very important counter-ritual! He'll give a Black Ticket to everyone who helps. Rune solving, a little item-gathering, and probably some negotiation involved.

Team Tourneys

Black Tickets for everyone on each winning team! Except for Magic Missile Dodgeball, everyone will have access to their regular RealmsCraft set of abilities. Limited-use spells can be reset after Magic Missile Dodgeball is complete. Below is a brief explanation of the tourneys; any additional details and answers to questions will be provided by the marshal(s) before the tourney.

Magic Missile Dodgeball

Two teams, you all only have the spell Magic Missile, and each team has to stay on separate halves of the Tourney Field. If you get hit by the other team's missiles 3 times, you're out! (Because you know, limb shots.) Last team standing wins the round, best 2 rounds out of 3 wins!

Squad Battles

Competitors will be divided up into small groups to fight in a team grand melee. If your team is the last standing, you win the round! The first team to win two rounds wins the tourney.

Capture the Flag

Two teams, each with a banner in a designated "home base". Everyone gets a compass that will point to their team's banner. During this tournament, if you die, you will be instantly raised back at your home base. Your goal is to steal the opposing banner and carry it back to your base. If your team is the first to score 3 times, you'll win the tourney!