The Princesses of Chimeron will be offering virtual dancing classes during the day and a ball after court in the evening. Gatherings will take place via Zoom (with links provided via Discord).

If you wish to attend you will need:

  • A space large enough to move around in without hitting anything (approximately 3-4 feet clearance around you).

    • Ability to see the screen and to watch instructor demonstrations as needed from that space.

    • Ability to hear the music and instruction from that space.

You may also want:

  • Ability to stream video of yourself for showing off your dance moves (and garb) at the ball and to help instructors troubleshoot if you are having trouble with steps.

  • An in-person dance buddy if available for those dances which are usually done in pairs. All the dances we will be teaching can be modified to be danced singly, but this is a good excuse to drag a housemate dancing if you want.

Near the end of the ball there will be a Galliard Challenge for all those interested in participating. Basic Galliards will be taught during the day for those unfamiliar with them or seeking a refresher. People participating in the galliard challenge will need to be able to stream video that others may admire their prowess.

Black Tickets can be earned by participating in the various dance activities, including the Galliard Challenge.

Dancing is marvelous for more than just the dancers. Polite audiences are welcome to come watch any and all dancing. Check the schedule for timing.